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The Blog of the Car Rental Company Eurocars in Crete
6th of June 2019
▶ Things to do and to see in Rethymno
The old town of Rethymno with its colourful alleys, the Venetian Port and the traditional Greek restaurants make an ideal destination for your holidays.
2nd of June 2019
▶ All about your Holidays in Crete
Useful information you need for your trip to Crete. Why to visit Crete, what to see, how to move around the island, here is everything you need to know.
27th of September 2017
▶ A Unique Route in Rethymnon Region
We present a day excursion by rental car to the north side of the Ida mountains. It includes a tour of the two stalactite caves of Melidoni and Zoniana.
5th of October 2016
▶ Find a Reliable Rent-a-Car Company at Heraklion Airport
For hiring a budget rental car at Heraklion airport in Crete, the Eurocars Rent-a-Car Company recommends timely online reservation to ensure availability.
2nd of October 2016
▶ How to Hire a Rental Car at Chania Airport in Crete
Your budget rental car from Eurocars car hire at Chania airport allows you a few minutes after landing to start your holidays in a most comfortable way.
1st of June 2016
▶ Why do Car Rental Brokers appear to be so cheap, and how realistic are those dumping rates?
Are car hire brokers really able to offer complete insurance packages at lower rates than the rent-a-car companies who will finally provide the rental car?
26th of September 2016
▶ New Fleet Member: Jeep Renegade SUV 4WD automatic
The Jeep Renegade comes with 4WD, automatic transmission, 170 hp, Fully Comprehensive Insurance (FCI) with Zero Excess Fee and EUROCARS' well-known service
15th of August 2016
▶ Which cars suit to drive to the beach of Balos?
The beach of Balos is one of the most beautiful ones in Crete, however there are good reasons why not to go there by car but to take the excursion boat.
22nd of June 2016
▶ New Fleet Member: Peugeot 208 automatic
Our compact VW Polo and Nissan Micra with automatic transmission get backup. From mid-June on two new Peugeot 208 with 1.2 litres engine will be available.
6th of June 2016
▶ New Fleet Member: Nissan Juke automatic
As our first crossover model with automatic transmission, the new Nissan Juke automatic can be booked now. It comes with a 1.6 litres engine and 117 hp.
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